In addition to the burning issues of the climate crisis, we also deal with many social issues as a women-led company in a male-dominated tech industry.

Topics such as inclusion, gender equality and diversity are just as important to us as reducing our CO2 emissions. In 2021, the topic of gender-equitable language was staffed by a “gender representative” from the team. Gender-equitable language is defined in VAST FORWARD communications for internal and external communications.

Click here for the VAST FORWARD Gender Guide 2022.


Based on the gender split of 80/20 (f/m), VAST FORWARD’s goal is a transparent, fair working model for all employees.

As part of our flat hierarchy, the team also takes on management tasks in addition to the project business. Working remotely means self-determination and creates a lot of freedom in organizing daily work routines. Fair working conditions and the health of all employees are very important to us.

Within the framework of core working hours, our working day can be structured independently – this means that even full-time positions are easily compatible with family lifestyles.

We have been supporting mindfulness and the promotion of health for more than 6 years with a weekly joint mindfulness training program, and we create space for voluntary commitment.

After all, we all work in a concentrated manner where we feel comfortable – in addition to self-organization in terms of time, this is probably the greatest freedom compared to a regular workplace in the office.

VAST Volunteering

VAST FORWARD supports voluntary commitment with a defined time allocation within our working hours. By volunteering, we not only contribute to social sustainability, but also create a balance to our personal workday.

VAST FORWARD Lady Vanessa writes cards every year at Christmas & Easter for the elderly

VAST FORWARD Lady Julia has been supporting a family from Afghanistan for several years.


Working in our digital environment means continuous professional development for all employees. In addition to mindfulness training, we can continue our education in self-selected seminars and share individual experience and our own “favorite topics”, e.g. in our monthly Lunch & Learn.

During our weekly VAST GREEN co-working session, we dedicate some of the time to our Sustainable Friday, where the team has the opportunity to prepare sustainability topics of personal interest to them.


In addition to our core team, we also want to involve our extended network, of programmers and creators, in our sustainability initiative.

As part of our Developer Day, we visited various companies and organizations with our extended team in September 2022, all of which have sustainability on their agenda. For us and our network, this year’s Dev Day was an important step – we want to evolve together and face the challenges of the future.

Our contribution to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Target for 2023


In 2022, the main focus was to calculate emissions, offset company-relevant CO2 emissions, and the communication and PR of our sustainability initiative.

For 2023, we have set ourselves new, ambitious goals at VAST FORWARD.

In 2023, the focus will increasingly be on stakeholder engagement, a necessary step if you take your company’s sustainability efforts seriously: we cannot make the transformation to a green economy alone.

Back in 2022, we surveyed our service providers about their corporate sustainability efforts. In 2023, we now want to focus on our customers and extended service providers and actively involve them in our initiative.

At the same time, we are constantly developing our sustainability communication, because our VAST GREEN initiative should be accessible to everyone and also serve as an orientation for others. The focus here is also on our new VAST CLASS project, which is intended to make the knowledge of VAST FORWARD accessible to our customers, with regard to our core business (project management) but also with regard to our key competencies in the context of sustainability.

Another aspect we want to address in 2023 is the certification of VAST FORWARD as a B-Corp Corporation. Through the B-Corp certification we want to have our sustainability initiative publicly recognized and join the worldwide B-Corp movement.

In the area of social responsibility, we currently serve the following SDGs: