The road to VAST GREEN

VAST FORWARD has been a value-based company since its inception. Trust, love, discipline and growth define how we work together internally, how we shape our customer relationships and what direction we take as a team toward the future. Our values support us in our day-to-day work as a 100% virtual team. In 2020, we added a new, core value: Sustainability.

VAST GREEN - Sustainability in our DNA

VAST FORWARD already has many sustainable approaches in its DNA: we are a 100% remote digital service provider, the office has been almost paperless since 2015, no fleet of cars, no commuting, founder Maren and her husband and business partner Matthias live and work energy and water self-sufficient for more than 6 months a year.

Sustainability is more than a label for us – that’s why we have been following a comprehensive sustainability strategy since 2020 with our VAST GREEN initiative.

Our principles are based on scientific, globally recognized findings. Our strategy gives us concrete goals with clear OKRs. And because a sustainable future can’t work without the people who shape it, we’re working together to transform and implement our VAST GREEN strategy as an entire VAST FORWARD team.

More than just a label

Corporate sustainability stands in a complex social, environmental and economic context. For VAST FORWARD, it is more than the legal requirements on supply chain transparency and “Net Zero Emissions” – We Do Not Just Compensate. For this reason, in developing and implementing our sustainability strategy, we also rely on:

  • scientific and data-based insights
  • political foundations and initiatives as part of sustainability efforts
  • transparent communication as a preparation for our reporting
  • an inclusive community approach to engage the team, partner companies, suppliers and stakeholders along the way

Key sustainability themes for VAST FORWARD

  1. 1. Living mindfully
  2. 2. Conserving resources
  3. 3. Show consideration
  4. 4. Producing less waste
  5. 5. Pioneer role – being an industry leader
  6. 6. Impact-oriented investing

Greener with a system

No blueprint - a methodological approach

There is no blueprint for SMEs, no proven procedure for the path towards more sustainable work: Products, workflows, dependencies, basic requirements – on the one hand, the parameters seem to be too diverse for this, on the other hand, the consulting landscape is flourishing. Today, sustainability is also a business model. VAST FORWARD has gone its own way. With the “Triple Diamond” method, we have created an orientation and outlined our own approach. The idea: our own framework for implementation, an agile framework in which we can test and adapt our approach in sprints to achieve feedback and learnings before making strategic decisions and implementing concrete measures. Within the working groups, the entire team is working on the results and is involved in the process from the beginning.

Out of the working groups, sustainability principles were defined, which are the basis for the sustainability strategy VAST GREEN. Our principles are the framework for the rest of the process and provide the basis for the internal materiality analysis, the definition and prioritization of the VAST FORWARD sustainability criteria.

For 2021, our materiality focus was on internal sustainable development. After the internal analysis of our supply chain, from 2022 we will dedicate ourselves to stakeholder outreach and inclusion. For us, it was important to determine our own status quo in advance and to identify direct pain points and possible solutions. This is the only way we can identify key issues that lead to long-term internal and external sustainable development.

Greener with Expert Knowledge

For the right categorization and the definition of clear sustainability goals, we added expert knowledge to our team: Alyssa Jade McDonald, among others on the board of BNW (German Sustainable Business Association), developed the core of VAST GREEN, the strategy with concrete Objectives and Key Results (OKR), based on the principles formulated from within the team. In the course of the strategy implementation, these are further developed and communicated transparently to customers and stakeholders, such as within the framework of our supply chains. We realise an accompanying, permanent reporting via our project website, on which many insights from the working groups are shared in addition to the strategy.

VAST GREEN OKR's 2021-22

  • Increase supply chain transparency
  • Benchmark and offset carbon emissions
  • Share resources
  • Data hygiene
  • Pioneer role – together with partner agencies
  • Sustainable finance

Materiality analysis

The materiality analysis is the backbone of reporting. It can be used to identify and define an organization’s “key sustainability issues” to be reported on. To do this, internal and external stakeholders must be asked for their opinions. The material sustainability topics for VAST FORWARD are shown in the following graphic.


The Federal Association of Green Business was founded in 1992. As an ecologically oriented business association it brings together companies that wat to combine responsibility for business, the environment and society.

Business should be used as a force for good. B Corporations stive for holistic change and social value, connecting companies on their common path to a responsible economy. Their strict test procedured examine companies on the 3 pillars of sustainability.

In the area of economic responsibility, we currently serve the following SDGs: