The C02e footprint at VAST FORWARD

Our VAST GREEN initiative does not see offsetting alone as the key to a more sustainable future. To meet the UN’s 1.5 degree target, we need change and strategies that go beyond offsetting CO2 emissions. That’s why at VAST FORWARD we take a holistic approach that includes all three pillars of sustainability. At the same time, we also cause CO2 emissions. A distinction is made between “Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions”, which are directly or indirectly related to the company and its activities.

In order to be able to balance all relevant areas, we have recorded and evaluated our emissions and corporate behavior. Our aim is to identify levers as well as reduction potentials and to set direct starting points for change. By making changes to internal processes, such as in the supply chain, avoidable emissions can be reduced and those that cannot be avoided can be offset by purchasing appropriate (climate) certificates.

The following section provides a detailed overview of our emissions. We obtain this data from our partner SPENOKI.